N - full cone nozzle

Fire Protection

N nozzle

Design Features of the N nozzle

  • Simplicity of design
  • One-piece/no internal parts
  • Clog-resistant
  • Three standard pipe sizes 1/2“ / 1“ / 1-1/2“
  • Male connection
  • Factory Mutual, U.S. Coast Guard and Lloyd's Register approved models

Spray Characteristics

  • Two spray cones - an outer, wide angle cone and a narrower inner cone - combine to give full cone effect

Fire Protection Approved

This BETE high-efficiency spiral was designed specifically with critical fire and explosion suppression applications in mind. These nozzles feature superior performance unequalled by traditional whirl nozzles.

Superior Performance Characteristics

  • Sprays composed on droplets 30% to 50% smaller than conventional designs at equivalent pressures
  • Extraordinarily large surface area of spray enhances evaporation and cooling
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Multiple concentric cone spray, unique to spiral pattern, maximizes contact
  • Superior Fire/Loss Prevention Applications
  • Gas wellhead protection
  • Safeguarding ship-borne cargo
  • Storage tank protection
  • Secondary explosion protection in explosive, dusty environments
  • Mitigation of HF and other toxic gas releases
120° (W)
120° (W)
Factory Mutual System - Lloyd's Register - UL